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Removing the Demon or Getting Your Rocks Off,” SM politics of listening workshop, School of the Alternative, Black Mountain College, 5.23-30.2017

The Dangerous Professors, exhibition and publication org. by Ruslana Lichtzier for Triumph Project Space, Chicago, opening 5.13.2017

GODOTHERS, program presented for “The Cinema of Gender Transgression: Trans Film,” Anthology Film Archives, SM reads + presents the work of Rami George, Geo Wyeth w. Alan Danielson, Mariah Garnett, and Rindon Johnson, 4.22.2017

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 9: Winning America, 2.22.2017 »»

«« Posted “Immigrants are NY, Refugees are NY…They saw photos of you and cried,” document of a demonstration, JFK, NYC (January 28, 2017), 2.5.2016 »»

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 8: Bears Ears, 12.4.2016 »»

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 7: Wall and Water, 9.29.2016 »»

Yes, but is it performable?…, curated by Christian Egger, Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz,
performance: 9.24.2016, exh.: 9.25-11.20.2016

«« Posted You can be awake but still be asleep, document of a public meeting, Union Square, NYC (July 7, 2016), 7.11.2016 »»

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 6: “What is appropriate?” is a stupid question, 6.30.2016 »»

Fulton Rib, Dixon Place, New York, 6.14.2016

Words & [  ] — a Durational Conference of Art & Thought, organized by The School of Making Thinking,
The Darling Foundry, Montreal, 5.6-8.2016

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 5: Re: Missouri, Valid Fears, 3.27.2016 »»

Relief Work, organized by Tara Plath, Songs for Presidents, Queens, 2.26-4.3.2016

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 4: That’s Not a Badge, It’s a Shield, 2.13.2016 »»

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 3: Peace Talks, 12.12.2015 »»

Postcard project included in Suppressed History and Contaminated Places, SM, <rotor> Center for Contemporary Art, Graz, 12.11.2015

Cicadas don’t sleep «Zikaden schlafen nicht», SM w. Veronica Lion a. MAYR, Tanzquartier, Vienna, 11.28.2015

November 20: Ruthie J., w. Alex Stein, President’s Gallery, Harold Washington College, Chicago, 11.20.2015

Listening workshop and artists lecture, Harold Washington College, Chicago, 11.11.2015

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 2: Your bed in Vienna, 10.30.2015 »»

Jewish Renaissance Boxing Club – Vienna, w. Zsuzsi Flohr, Tatiana Kai-Browne, a. Veronica Lion, Wienwoche, Vienna, 9.24-29.2015

Terrorists in the Library, initiated by Ruslana Lichtzier, President’s Gallery, Harold Washington College, Chicago, 9.18-11.24.2015

«« Release of Reconnaissance, Episode 1: Jet fuel can’t melt language, 9.17.2015 »»

The Non-Human seminar w. Doug Ashford, Salzburg Summer Academy, 8.17-29.2015