CSER (Center for Speculative Event Research)


Founded in the early 2000’s by Ruthie J., CSER (Center for Speculative Event Research) has research facilities across the country, including underneath the Denver International Airport and on Wizard Island in Crater Lake, Oregon. Specializing in real-time experiments for clients including the United States Department of Justice, private universities, hospitals, insurance companies, and industrial manufacturers, CSER meticulously re-creates contentious scenarios in order to more closely analyze plausible outcomes. CSER’s services have been used to resolve high profile insurance claims, political assassinations, and human rights disputes.


November 20: Ruthie J.
Ruthie J. will share some of her experiences in the field of speculative event research: the simulation and analysis of events that may or may not have taken place. With an introduction by Sarah Mendelsohn.


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November 20: Ruthie J.
Performance: President’s Gallery at Harold Washington College, 11.20.2015
Terrorists in the Library, organized by Ruslana Lichtzier
Written a. performed by Sarah Mendelsohn a. Fred Schmidt-Arenales
Featuring Alex Stein a. Shannon Moutinho