Fulton Rib



Fulton Rib
Performance: Dixon Place, New York, NY, 6.14.2016
Above: excerpt from video produced after the performance, stills
Text by Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales in collaboration with Darren Fudenske and Lisa Roberts
Featuring Cynthia Chang, Darren Fudenske, Lisa R. Lipman, Sarah Mendelsohn, Fred Schmidt-Arenales, and Sophie Traub
Camera by Nick Ray
Field footage collected by Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales


Fulton Rib explores a series of gestures made by strangers moving through politically contested spaces in Lower Manhattan, and, in parallel, the process of interpretation between deaf and hearing collaborators. Fulton Rib addresses Lower Manhattan as a memorial, a swamp, a police state, and a burial ground, in which we find ourselves at the receiving end of language. As in a conversation with someone whose language you can’t fully understand, you pick up recognizable signs, and fill in the gaps in narrative. As interpreters, we are running close to failure.



Nostrand Nostrnd No No No Stand
Above: excerpted low-fi documentation from a three-part reading and vocal meditation at Words & [ ] — a Durational Conference of Art & Thought, organized by The School of Making Thinking, The Darling Foundry, Montreal, 5.6-8.2016
Reflections on moving through spaces in Lower Manhattan developed as research for Fulton Rib, and in parallel to Wall and Water in spring 2016.
Text by Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales
Featuring Michelle Bentsman, Courtney Mackedanz, Emily Jane Sirota, Cory Tamler, Susan Wolf, with collective audience meditation