Episode 10: Divest, Disgust, Discuss





For this episode of Reconnaissance, we’re listening back to conversations that Fred had in Vienna last fall, exploring ideas about solidarity and allyship on “the left,” and how Israel figures into those politics—as both a real place, and an amorphous set of ideas. We’ve both been struck by how much symbolic and historical weight Israel and Palestine hold for people in different parts of the world. This episode is one attempt to explore how and why that happens, in the very specific context of Vienna. “The left” is in quotes here, because there is no good metric for understanding what “the left” is, and it’s different in Austria, and Europe as a whole, than in the U.S. But that’s part of what these interviews address.

anti d collage

Images from Pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel demonstrations in Vienna.



“Divest, Disgust, Discuss” was produced by Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales.

It was released on 7.31.2017.

Thank you to the activists we interviewed for this episode: Julia Edthofer, Eduard Freudmann, Wilhelm Langthaler, Florian Markl, Michael Pröbsting, Gerhard Scheit, and Anonymous.

And thank you to Laura Unger for providing translation.

“Divest, Disgust, Discuss” features “Waving Our Tits in the Wind,” a great elaboration of Ween’s “Waving My Dick in the Wind” by Mayr.


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